Friday, February 24, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Does Zola's Hair


Last night's Grey's Anatomy episode contained a storyline that I was not expecting...Zola's hair! If you do not watch Grey's Anatomy...and I'm sure you do...Zola is Meredith's and Derek's adopted baby who happens to be Black.  

It all started when Derek brought Zola into the hospital and Dr. Bailey noticed that Zola's hair was not looking "kept".  Later that night as he's leaving the hospital, he accused a woman of staring at them because he was a White dad and he has a Black daughter.

Dr. Bailey had to break the news to him that the woman was staring because he had his baby's hair looking a mess.

She later gives Derek a lesson on styling and taking care of Zola's hair.  He's combing and pulling her hair into a ponytail and he even asks Meredith if she knew Zola had a "kitchen".  Hehe! Such a cute moment. 


  1. Super adorable, I'm glad Derek realized somethings will be different with Zola. Very cute ep.

  2. Yes I agree, it was such a cute episode. I think it was cool that they even touched on the "hair issue". Thanks for visiting, Anon!!

  3. I was gonna post on this!!

    I loved that aspect of the episode. I figured the creator being a black woman would touch on that at some point.

    1. Yes, I'm surprised more natural hair bloggers didn't post about the episode. *pats self on the back* lol.... I thought they did it in a very subtle manner, not too much and not too little. Thanks for commenting!!!